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Sasha Keable – Careless Over You

Exclusive: Stream the London R&B vocalist's seductive, husky new single

In early 90s teen movies, a black book, scrawled with numbers and first names in biro, was essential as snap bracelets and Mary J. tapes. Born in '93, soulful London vocalist Sasha Keable takes a tip from the era in her official debut single "Careless Over You", from her forthcoming Black Book EP (Oct 28). A sensual groove threaded with ticking trap and a pop bent in the vein of her influences Little Dragon, Keable's vocal morphs from a fluttery trill to speak-singing that's twisted and rewound. "Won't you let me out of my box", she sings, with a rapper's lilt and the easy husk of "Millionaire"-era Kelis. The floodgates just opened.

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