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Shine 2009 - Our Nation - Artwork

Shine 2009 – Our Nation

Exclusive: stream the Finnish duo's playful balearic-inspired second album

It's tempting to pull weirder, ever weirder associations when describing a song by electronic Finnish duo Shine 2009. (Afrobeat! La Triviata! Anticon!) On their excellent second album, they pull acoustic strumming ("Running Around") and stadium rock riffs ("Suomen Sydän") into the mix, united by the propulsive balearic wash that has become their signature. In the record's lead single "Eurozone", singer Sami Suova deadpans "I know you love money/ Just like me", like a globalised, genre-mashing, Gchat-mobilised incarnation of careerist Opportunities. Stream the record below and read the band's track-by-track guide.

Stream the album in full on Spotify.


It's about making money and being motivated by money. Originally the inspiration for both the theme and the opera sample came from American Psycho. This was one of the first tracks we wrote for the new album - the bassline is probably from 2011.


Older's actually a song we did in the summer of 2012 for our side-project, Cup. The original is pretty well hidden somewhere in the internet and not that many have heard it. The Shine 2009 version of the song has gone through a few changes along the way, obviously. It's a love story dealing with a considerable age difference.

"No Thanks"

Originally the track was just an acoustic guitar and the bassline. The drum loop was later on spotted from a friend's radio show. In the lyrics the protagonist suddenly realizes he wants to be alone – at least for a while. The song features Mikko's wife Iisa on guest vocals.

"Good Times"

It's a party anthem that always reminds us of Spring even though it was written during Winter. Ferren from Pandr Eyez was kind enough to collaborate on this one. She sent us her beautiful vocals via email, so the song was actually recorded both in London and Helsinki.

"These Girls"

It all started with a guitar riff, which are way too rare these days to be honest. The lyrics are about an insecure man who's jealous towards women with more power and influence than him. This is one of the album's three songs that feature the amazing Sara Sayed on guest vocals.

"Love, Love, Love"

This one changed a lot at the very last minute. We decided to remove a drum beat from the song completely, and replace it with something much more simple. It turned out a lot better that way. The song is a celebration of love, with Sara Sayed on the guest vocals again.

"Running Around"

The song is about an eerie crush. Musically it's a great mixture of styles. The bassline is sort of junlgle-y, the piano and the acoustic guitar could be from an unplugged session, and we managed to squeeze in a tiny guitar solo as well.

"Suomen Sydän"

We're extremely happy that we were able to mix orchestral percussion with trance string stabs and bossa nova style guitar plucking. The idea for the song's lyrics came from promotional texts of small Finnish towns. Their tone can be very proud, and they really do their best to make the places sound interesting, friendly and most civilized - which obviously isn't how it is in reality.

"Me & U"

It's definitely the most electronic song on the album, and the mood on it is something very special. I think Madonna's Get Together was in heavy rotation when this was made. The lyrics are about a talent scout, dreams and getting a second chance in life by living through someone else

"Our Nation"

It's a song with very few elements to it and probably for that reason it turned out very majestic. In the lyrics we wanted to study what pompous and clichéd, national anthem type of lyrics mean in the 2010s. It's contradictory and also a little scary since one can interpret them in an intolerant way. However, since in a globalized world one can identify with basically any nation or scene, the lyrics get an opposite meaning.

Our Nation is out on October 14 on Modular/Cascine (US release on October 15) You can pre-order it here.