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20/20 Visions: Yung Bambi

Don't be fooled by her doe-eyed name, this bright young photographer is all hustle and spit

Nineties-obsessed Lower East Side photographer/stylist Yung Bambi’s Twitter bio reads: “LIVING THUGXURIOUSLY”. What that entails is bumming cigarettes from ice-cream sellers, sneaking into clubs underage and posting dangerously sexy Vines. “I think 20 is a great age for the hustle,” says Bambi (Jude Liana to her mom), who aspires to work in the art world. “You start realising you’re worth more, and you still have one more year of that little rush you get using your fake ID.” Bambi is “really into the throwback vibe,” with an insane 90s vibing style and swag (Wu–Tang and Lil’ Kim are favourites). When asked for her weirdest moment of 2013 so far, she doesn’t miss a beat. “I partied with a midget in a pig mask who killed an entire bottle of Patrón to the face!”


Patricia Arquette or Demi Moore?
Patricia Arquette won my heart the moment I saw True Romance but shouts to Demi Moore being like 50 and looking 20, she hot.

Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins?


Wu Tang or A Tribe Called Quest?
Wu Tang till I die.

Bill Clinton or Chelsea Clinton?
Bill Clinton because he kills it at the saxophone.

Edward Furlong or Christian Slater?
Christian Slater.

Poetic Justice or Menace II Society?
Poetic Justice because Tupac will always have close spot to my heart, also Janet Jackson is the ill babe in that.

Jurassic Park or Groundhog Day?
Jurassic Park all day long.

Trainspotting or The Virgin Suicides?
The Virgin Suicides is a fave, I love the book.

Beavis or Butthead?
"Ask Beavis I get nothing but head".

Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell?
Naomi Campbell, she's like the epitome of a boss bitch.

Mortal Kombat or Super Mario Bros?
Super Mario Bros.

Young and beautiful or old and wise?

Brooklyn or Manhattan?
Most of Manhattan sucks but I gotta rep my Lower East Side. Brooklyn is great though.

Lollapalooza or LOLZ?
I had to Google what Lollapalooza was.

RuPaul or Ron Jeremy?

Retro or future?
I think I lean more towards retro, old trends and all that are chill.

Drunk or sober?
Sugar highs.

War or peace?
World peace, if that’s ever possible.

Night or day?
I can't decide.

Party or bullshit?
You don't party or bullshit, you party and bullshit. Biggie Smalls taught me well.


Fur coat by Ter et Bantine, panelled body by Maison Martin Margiela, stud enamel earrings DJ by Dominic Jones, barbed wire choker necklace by Rodarte, nameplate necklace Yung Bambi's own.