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Isa GT 1993 You've Got To Show Me Lol Mix

Celebrate the best of 93 pop with Girlcore's Isa GT

Isa GT is a Colombian born, London based artist, musician and DJ. After making waves as part of south London’s !WOWOW! collective during the mid 00s, she went on to form Girlcore in 2007. A 90s kid who grew up listening to hip hop and R&B with latin words and spanglish, Isa now runs her own record label focused on nurturing up and coming talent, while continuing to tour the world, most recently accompanying M.I.A and hitting up SXSW. To celebrate the launch of our '93 til Infinity issue, we asked her to make us a pop-heavy mix of tracks that defined the era. So crank up that Ace of Base hard and try not to dwell on the fact "Dreamlover" is 20 years old.

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Jade - Don't Walk Away
En Vogue
 - Give It Up, Turn It Loose
Janet Jackson - That's the Way Love Goes
SWV - Love Will Be Right Here
Mariah Carey - Dreamlover
Salt N Pepa - Shoop
FourNon Blondes - What's Up
Spin Doctors - Two Princes
Snow - Informer
Inner Circle - Sweat
Connected - Stereo MC's
Ace of Base - All That She Wants
Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman
RuPaul - Supermodel
Haddaway - What Is Love
Bizarre Inc - I'm Gonna Get You
Robin S - Show Me Love
Robin S - Luv 4 Luv
Urban Cookie Collective - The Key, The Secret


Patricia Arquette or Demi Moore?
Patricia Arquette was way hotter at the time.

Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins? 
Smashing Pumpkins, Disarm is such a great song, I started to like Nirvana a bit after.

Wu Tang or A Tribe Called Quest? 
A Tribe Called Quest. I wish I didn't have to choose, I think I was first into ATCQ and then into Wu Tang.

Bill Clinton or Chelsea Clinton? 
Hmm, wouldn't choose either of them, but I guess Bill Clinton looks funny playing "sax. 

Edward Furlong or Christian Slater? 
Christian Slater. True Romance is one of my favourite movies from the 90s.

Poetic Justice or Menace II Society? 
Poetic Justice. I've always been a big Tupac fan plus Janet is in it.

Jurassic Park or Groundhog Day?
Jurassic Park. Now I love Groundhog Day but at the time it was all about Jurassic Park.

Trainspotting or The Virgin Suicides? 
Trainspotting. Classic! I was obsessed with the soundtrack.

Beavis or Butthead? 

Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell? 
Then: Kate Moss. Now: Naomi Campbell - have you seen The Face?

Mortal Kombat or Super Mario Bros? 
Super Mario Bros 3, my favourite. I even have an emulator on my Mac.

Young and beautiful or old and wise? 
Young and beautiful. 

Brooklyn or Manhattan? 

Lollapalooza or LOLZ? 
LOLZ. Lolzapallooza.

RuPaul or Ron Jeremy? 
RuPaul. uh? RuPaul is everything. I've included Ru's song Supermodel in the mix! ;).

Retro or future? 
Retro. Everything is going to be retro at some point.

Drunk or sober? 
Hard to be always one or the other.

War or peace? 
Peace out man, very 90s.

Night or day? 

Party or bullshit? 
Party AND bullshit.