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GITA brings the heat

Grab the world exclusive download from NYC's newest rap breakout

Since GITA’s first live show – billed with A$AP Ferg and Mykki Blanco – the Oakland-born, NYC-based rapper has been making waves on the web with the playful and eclectic videos for “Hood Rich”, “Let That” and “Mardi Gras”. Now comes her EP, Escaping the Dream World, which is exclusively premiered on Dazed Digital and features seven tracks that run from low-slung, kick-backed 90s hip hop to a darker, grime-influenced sound. Self-written, self-recorded, and executive produced by GITA, the EP is an assertion of her inventive style and talent as all eyes are on New York rap. She shared her 10-point manifesto with us below.

Download GITA's Escaping the Dream World EP

#1 Anyone can bring it in a rap battle

 ... if they peep their opponent’s weaknesses. I battle rap for kicks and giggles with the homies or the brody back home in Cali. Battle rapping isn't as prevalent as it used to be, although Loaded Lux went ham on Calicoe months back – woooh!

#2 Bougie girls love Soho to get some therapeutic shopping for ya girl (me)! 

Riccardo Tisci is what's happening right now in my eyes. I love his name and how it rolls. I think the Rottweiler tees were genius; that's so hood! I do love fashion and I'm digging KTZ.

#3 I treat people how I want to be treated, regardless of their profession

Schmoozing is something you do to your mom or dad when you want something, right? Being yourself is as close as it is to keeping it real nowadays.

#4 Getting prepped before a show, I just do what I gotta do to look good and do the damn thing

Ghe20 Ghothik parties make me feel at home. That was the best place I've ever performed.

#5 Jazz is great in the morning

Especially if you’re on the subway. I'd slap on some Pop/R&B music dating back from early 2000s like Usher "You Don't Have To Call" while getting ready for a fiesta.

#6 I don't personally run with anyone other than myself and the people I hustle with

That's a great feeling. A$AP Ferg is a true creative like myself; he makes me smile. It's a rarity when you come across real creatives at heart.

#7 'Don't start no $h#T, won't be no $h#T!'

I see people who love beef, but I don't. Been there, done that.

#8 I find people's sexual preferences uninteresting

None of my business. If I ask, I'm being 'nosey'. The audience will make their own judgments on me. As always, let's keep them guessing.

#9 I'm a calm chick who likes to lounge

GITA raging is an unlikely sight at a party. But bouncing on night hypes with my clan is always fun, if the moon is full.

#10 The dream is grand

I know what love is, what money smells and feels like and how realness presents itself.

Photography by Kristin-Lee Moolman