Old Apparatus - Compendium

Stream the experimentalist's dark soundscapes created from haunting live recordings

Previously releasing their experimental sounds on one half of Digital Mystikz, Mala's Deep Medi label, the legendary Honest Jon's and Electronic Explorations, the London-based production outfit Old Apparatus have now compiled their vastly varying and often dark electronic highlights into their new release, Compendium. Moving between elements of electronica, house, dubstep and instrumental hip hop, their spectral sounds developed from collective and individual recordings can be heard on their own label, Sullen Tone. Check an exclusive live recording of 'Compendium' here .

Dazed Digital: Is your composition/production process geared towards the performance of your tracks live? Or is that a secondary consideration?
Old Apparatus: Initially no, we didn't give any consideration to performing the tracks live. Then we started receiving live bookings and then had to reverse engineer the early material in order to perform it as live as was possible. Now we're a lot more conscious during the writing process that the tracks will eventually be performed live to it has informed the way we approach the writing of the music.

DD: What were the reference points/inspirations that fed into the visuals? What were the links with the music/atmosphere you wanted to convey?
Old Apparatus: The reference points were largely our own artwork and aesthetics from our past record sleeves that we then wanted to project and bring to life in a living, breathing space........our front room.

DD: What are your musical backgrounds? What has led you to this point today?
Old Apparatus: Varied musical backgrounds that span many genres and musical projects. Music and friendship has led us to this point and will project us forward into the future