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The Agony & The Ecstasy

This week's Kyary Pamyu Pamyu vids, XXYYXX mash-ups and a Grimes remix from Four Tet

SONG OF THE WEEK: Grimes - 'Skin' (Four Tet Remix)

There wasn't exactly an abundance of remixes around Grimes' Visions but Four Tet's shuffling remix of album track 'Skin' might be pick of the bunch, as the London producer takes Boucher's original and quickens it into a house shuffle with cool counter-melody synths. With Grimes currently recording and tweeting hints to her new tracks, this remix seems like a solid way to cap off an album campaign that reinvigorated pop, DIY, and the murky waters in-between.

COLLAB OF THE WEEK: Future - 'Wake Up, No Make-Up' (Feat. Ciara)

Ciara already teamed up with Future on the remix of 'Sorry', and this week another collaboration with the Atlanta rapper came to light. Reportedly taken from Future's forthcoming mixtape The Movie, 'Wake Up, No Make-Up' sees Ciara dropping the hook of 'Ride' into the quasi-religious chants of the track's unusual beat (courtesy of Mike WiLL Made It) and speaking/rapping a command to "wake up and turn up." Yes ma'am.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - 'Furisodeshon'

J-Pop princess Kyary Pamyu Pamyu teams up with her regular designer Sebastian Masuda for her birthday song 'Furisodeshon', where she cavorts with a top hat-wearing Furby/human and gorges on red velvet cake at a latex-heavy banquet. As always with Kyary there's method behind the madness: the chorus of "Hatachi!" ("20") is a nod to her B-day later this month, while the "furisode" of the song's title is a long-sleeved kimono traditionally worn by single women upon reaching this age. As befits such a landmark occasion, she gets totally wasted on pink wine.


Nigeria-born/East London based singer and producer Azekel lifts the melody from T-Rex's 1971 'Get It On' and fuses it with a bass-nuzzling beat from Orlando producer XXYYXX. The original's glittery thrust is taken into stomach-churning cry-wank territory (in a good way), as the muffled riff of the T-Rex original creeps in in the song's final seconds. I guess you could call it Velvet Goldwhine.


It's cold in Los Angeles, apparently.