Charli XCX Ft Brooke Candy video

The UK singer joins forces with our favourite girl rapper in their 'Internet meets LA meets London' video premiered here

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Featuring our favourite stripper-turned-rapper Brooke Candy, the new video for Charli XCX's 'Cloud Aura' is an emotional rollercoaster. Set to a backdrop of tears from reality TV footage, paintings and film, the track opens with enticing melodies and straight-talking vocals. Strutting down the street, the pair assert the contrasts between them, all the while singing about lost love. Produced by J£ZUS MILLION, (with an EP coming out on Double Denim early next year also featuring Charli), the song sees a verse from Candy's referencing Chris Brown, playing out in literal terms the damage of a toxic relationship, in her unique recognisable style against Charli XCX's vocals. Here Charli tells us about the backstory behind 'Cloud Aura' and the lo-fi video...

"Cloud Aura was the lead track from my mixtape Super Ultra. It's a really special track for me because I guess it's my first proper collaboration. I asked Brooke to get on the track 'cause I could hear her voice on it sounding awesome. And she slayed it. She's such a talent and a superstar. She's fierce and part of this new wave of strong females standing up for what they believe in, and I'm so into that. I made the video with Brooke and Ryan Andrews. I wanted to make the video super fantastical and emotional, so I used clips from my favourite films like Carrie and TV shows like The Hills(!). It's a mix of all my favourite things. It's the internet meets LA, meets London. All the places my mind lives in and all the place I want to be."

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