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Holly Fulton Womenswear S/S11

The tongue-in-cheek collection features luxurious python skin, fur and patent leather adorned with crystals

British Fashion Award for Jewellery winner (and unofficial queen of Swarovski bling), Holly Fulton staged her tribute to Dynasty legend, Joan Collins for SS 11. While the Eighties seems to be a common reference point for the SS 11 collections, Fulton incorporated a sly sense of humour and bucketloads of crystal to make her collection stand out from the rest. Her trademark Art Deco and sixties graphic approach was present and correct but she pushed forward this season with luxurious fabrics like python, fur and by experimenting with hand cutting patterns on patent leather. Her chunky, highly distinctive jewellery, as big as the Ritz, added old fashioned razzle dazzle to proceedings. One could almost imagine the Holly Fulton woman, enormous updo and sunglasses present, dressed to kill in the barest crystal encrusted bikini with fur sleeves, with her Holly Fulton luggage setting in one hand setting sail for the most decadent cruise of her life.

Dazed Digital: How did you settle on Joan Collins as the icon for the season?

Holly Fulton: I got a book from a charity shop called ‘Joan Collins: My Secrets’ and it basically covers everything about how to live like Joan Collins – how to exercise, how to do your makeup, how to wear a headband with pearls! I think Joan was extremely beautiful when she was younger and I kinda love that traditional styled sophistication. I felt a bit more grown up this time – a bit more optimistic and a bit more grown up.

DD: What’s a modern idea of glamour?

Holly Fulton: It’s changed completely but I love the concept of buying a total look from a house.  I love the concept of infiltrating every aspect of a lifestyle.

DD: You’re known for your work with Swarovski. How did you push forward with crystal this season?

Holly Fulton: It was mainly about a new colour range this time, something that was a lot bolder than what I had done previously. This time I wanted it to be really bold and straight colour application.

DD: And the patent leather with the laser cutting?

Holly Fulton: I actually hand cut it – I’m just a patient idiot! I love being involved – it’s time consuming but I really love it.

DD: And if you were to give an emotion running through the collection?

Holly Fulton: I think it’s quite fun and tongue in cheek. It’s not a retro collection – it’s quite modern with just a hint of borderline bad taste!