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Photo by Sam Ashley. Source: Bicycle Buyer Magazin
Photo by Sam Ashley. Source: Bicycle Buyer Magazine

Kate Moross Joins Swatch MTV Playground

The watch brand teams up with a panel of artists alongside MTV for this exciting and creative project

Set out to involve designers at all levels, from both emerging creatives and established talent, Swatch MTV Playground aims to create a unique design tool to give those entering the Swatch MTV Playground Creative Competition 2010 the opportunity to create a watch design by choosing from a range of existing patterns and elements. The opportunity will allow upcoming designers to have the chance to win a five-star, all-expenses-paid trip to Shanghai with a friend, including VIP tickets to the 2010 Expo. Once there, the winners will be meeting prominent Chinese artists and designers, attending stimulating seminars and embarking on handmade tours of this extraordinary city's contemporary art scene. They will be providing a resource for fans of design, art and fashion across the world.

The project aims to help new and exciting artists by bringing together the absolute cream of the crop of the creative web. It is the first creative site to feature such accessibility and customisation for participants (considering it's available in 17 languages). Meaning that visitors can share ideas, events and news, make comments and have discussions on work happening around the globe spanning the disciplines from music, film, print design, 2D and 3D animation, motion design, illustration and fashion. London-based graphic designer, Kate Moross will be joining the Swatch MTV Playground panel of judges. One of the best known graphic artists today, Moross has an impressive background of having worked for some of the biggest names in the music, fashion and design industries today. She will be joining another young British design luminary, Carri Munden of Cassette Playa fame. Dazed spoke to Moross about her involvement and what's to come.
Dazed Digital: How did you get involved in this project? What do you think you can bring to it?
Kate Moross: Swatch just approached me with the idea... Yeah, I've always loved judging competitions and stuff, especially something like this which is quite confined within a set of rules. Also I'm a big Swatch person, I have a bunch of deadstock Swatches, so I know the history of the brand quite well, and the aesthetic to them.

DD: What will help you in deciding on the finalists of the project?
Kate Moross: Not sure really, I think it's all down to the fact that it's a small space, just on the face of the watch, so whoever's made the best use of the space, and creating something unique rather than something that's already been done before and recycled.

DD: What do you hope will result of it? Help the artists?
Kate Moross: I hope that'd be the case, we want to give feedback and a good idea of what was good or bad about their entries in general, to say what we found was common or what they could do to help themselves which can happen in intimate competitions not so much on large scale ones... Just to report back to the winners.

DD: What are you up to at the moment yourself?
Kate Moross: I have an iPad app coming out next week which I'm really excited about, and am speaking at the Apple store on the launch and a whole other projects on my record label (Isomorphs which just released Pictureplane), and designs for loads of people.