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Laura Mackness x Weekday

Central Saint Martins graduate team up her hand and face prints with Swedish fashion label

Central Saint Martin’s MA graduate Laura Mackness has made a name for herself with her bold use of colours and witty, pop-referencing prints. Now, one year after graduation, Mackness has teamed up with Swedish label Weekday for a collection that sees her signature wandering hands and face prints transported onto covetable leggings and t shirts.

Dazed Digital: The Weekday collection continues with the Francois and Jean Robert fascination that you first explored during your MA. What is it about their art work that inspires you so much?
Laura Mackness: The Weekday collection does still draw inspiration from Jean and Francois Robert's work as it is an extension of my MA. Still, I think that it is in a more abstract form in the Weekday collection. I stumbled upon Jean and Francois Robert's book “Face to Face” when I was studying on the MA and have been inspired by it ever since. It simply combines a few of my all time favourite things, the use of everyday objects and also the trick of the eye aspect that I find my work never straying far from. All of this is complimented by the beautiful simplicity of the photographs, which is also something that I am constantly striving for.

DD: What else have you been looking towards for inspiration?
Laura Mackness: Another favourite of mine and an inspiration directly responsible for the hands prints is the illustrator Saul Steinberg. Along with this I also looked at images of bikini tan lines for the women's range and drew from my own collection of random watches for the men's range.

DD: What was the best thing about the project?
Laura Mackness: Seeing it all come together at the launch in Stockholm. We had some brilliant life size cut outs of the photo shoot which looked great and it was the first time that I saw all the finished pieces together.

DD: What are your plans now?
Laura Mackness: I am still very keen to work within a design team and am constantly pursuing the right place and position. In the mean time, I am working on various freelance design and research projects as long as continuing with my own work.