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Shrigley Gets His Head Around Jumpers

The Pringle and David Shrigley collaboration carries on with an animated short that opened the menswear show in Milan

It must seem like Pringle are overloading on the collaborations recently what with Tilda Swinton and Ryan McGinley's latest ad and film campaign and their venture with the Serpentine, but we promise this animated short by David Shrigley is a good un'. The three minute short points out salient points such as "The thing that you need to know about Scotland is that it rains a lot", "Manky wool is no good to us" and "Models are horribly skinny like skeletons" as well as starring a slightly tubby one-eyed character called Gerald who is an alcoholic.

The short opened up the menswear show in Milan on Monday, celebrating Pringle's return to the menswear schedule which must have taken some show goers back to a gentler time when slow and informative voice overs would educate our little brains. On the film, Shrigley says "My film is about the heritage and workings of Pringle of Scotland. I have perhaps used some artistic license in depicting this but it is nonetheless fairly accurate. I have enjoyed making artwork for a fashion label. The characters that I draw are now better dressed as a result. In fact, I used to just draw naked characters. Now they have clothes. I think this is a good thing."