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The cult jewellery brand known for their statement pieces release their two new collections, Costume Luxe and Heirloom for S/S 10.

Combining contemporary styles with traditional influences, Mawi have been consistently making luxuriously iconic jewellery. A label with the rare ability to keep costume jewellery wearable yet modern, their new collections for spring / summer '10 will be split into two, 'Costume Luxe' and 'Heirloom'.

The first collection draws inspiration from architectural sculptures features cutting-edge high end pieces with jagged necklaces and bracelets in gold, haematite and silver that look like molecular structures. Spiked sputnik shapes are hung on thick chains and also come in jewel encrusted versions.

The second line, 'Heirloom' harks back to influences of family heirlooms and traditional estate jewels. A mix of cameos, turquoise and metal charms hang off pearl or velvet ribbon chains whilst opal tones and emeralds shimmer from in-set crowns and skulls. Floral features on antique silver and large gold hearts, a peachy palette and glittering large rings add to the femininity of the collection.