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Upon the backdrop of a sun drenched country Bassike recreate basics with a whimsical and antipodean appeal.

Long, hot summers and mild yet tempestuous winters make for adaptable wardrobes, where practicality and versatility often take the helm for many a fashionista. For Mary Lou Ryan and Deborah Sams, this was no deterrent when they began their label Bassike. On the contrary, the Australian landscape- from its harsh rural outback to its cool inner city to its infinite coastline- provided the young designers with a bountiful source of inspiration. In a testament to their patriotism and devotion to quality, Bassike produce their collections completely within Australia and exclusively from organic materials, with the exception of their denim products which are made in Japan from the finest Japanese denims. With an eye for classic basics, Bassike’s mission is to combine functionality and comfort with contemporary style. Here, Mary and Deborah talk to Dazed Digital about their serendipitous meeting and the organic progression to Bassike…

Dazed Digital: How did you two meet?
Bassike: We met about 10 years ago - we were working for the same company & we have been great friends and work collegues ever since.

DD: When did you start designing?
Bassike: We started our creative design process, when we started Bassike - we have always loved and worked in product, but in terms of design the real creative freedom came from starting Bassike.

DD: What does ‘Bassike’ mean?
Bassike: Bassike is a play on the word basic - what we have created with Bassike is wearable wardrobe staples with a unique sense of style and it's own twist - we like product that is creative in it's detail.

DD: What inspires you?
Bassike: Travel, architecture and film

DD: What is the S/S 09-10 collection about?
Bassike: Every collection is an extension of the last, we have used tonal colours  - lots of long and lean shapes with the contrast of oversize.

DD: What challenges do you face as an Australian label?
Bassike: Our challenge is that Australia, although a very creative environment in terms of access to fabrics, technology in the fashion arena can often be quite limited.  It forces you to look outside the square.

DD: What other designers/artists do you admire and why?
Bassike: Ai Wee Wee is one of our favourite artists at the moment - I went to his exhibition in Tokyo. 

DD: What's next for Bassike?

Bassike: I guess just to keep on doing what we are doing & making it better each time - no big plans!
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