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Surface to Air and Sølve Sundsbø

The cult label and iconographic photographer bring still life and fashion together in a breathtaking collaboration.

Surface to Air and Norwegian photographer Sølve Sundsbø have fused print design with photography in an exciting new partnership. Sundsbø, one of Surface to Air’s favourite photographers and a creative icon in his own right, has provided haunting images to the cult label, which in turn have been manipulated to create unique prints. The collaboration sees 3 dresses, 3 tops and bags all crafted from sillk and all adorned with the abstract prints as developed from Sundsbø’s images: a frizzy haired woman, a vivdly coloured parrot and a series of garments hung in laundry bags. The collection has the distinct, relaxed demeanor that Surface to Air is renowned for, with an oblique avant garde, experimental twist that is borne of the obtuse enigma of the prints, whose origins are barely discernable- and yet enticingly present- in their new state.