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You can now Guccify your entire house

Loves it

Cast your mind back to last summer, when Alessandro Michele, a cast of models, and shedloads of beautifully eccentric clothes arrived in London for the Westminster Abbey Cruise show. The show (and afterparty) were obviously epic, but other than the subculture-inspired collection, there was something altogether more unexpected that made it one to remember.

No, it wasn’t the surprise headphone collab – obviously, I'm talking about the free cushions (fabulous tasseled velvet things embroidered with various Gucci motifs) that the guests got to take home. Mine, FYI, has a felt panther on it, and woe on the house guest who actually tries to sit on such a precious souvenir.

Luckily for those who weren’t at the show, Gucci has realised that such swag should not be the preserve of a select few. Today, it has announced the launch of Décor: a new range of suitably swanky home furnishings. From cushions to candles, chairs to silken wallpaper, the new collection is the perfect way to Guccify your house, and will be available from September with prices starting from £150.

Unsurprisingly, the designs pull from Michele’s catwalk archives – incorporating prints, patterns and icons borrowed from his own collections and reimagined for furniture and homewares. As Gucci puts it: “The overall effect is one of a surprising, joyous combination of hue, pattern and design, where there are no rules.”

We’ll take one of everything, thx.