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Paris Menswear GIFs

The GIFs that keep on GIFing: The inspirations and looks from Paris Menswear S/S14

Commes des Garcons: Brooding Teenage Nosferatu Explores the Pink Side of Goth. Fancy Goth Subculture, Edward Gorey, "The Crow" starring Brandon Lee, "Miracles" by Insane Clown Posse, Vintage Golf Plaid.

Dries Van Noten: The royal gardens at night in the summer, after the curtains have been drawn. Hampton Court Palace, Peter Doig, "Hunt of the Unicorn" Flemish Tapestries, Jacaranda at night, Surfers on the beach.

Givenchy: Electric sonic explorer travels the deep space Sahara. Salvador Dali's desert paintings, Tribal face paint, Graphic Equalizer Mixing Board, Star Wars Warp Speed, Tupac Airbrush Fan Art.

Lanvin: Softening the lines of institutional luxury.  1930's Farmer, Tiffany blue, Fisherman's Net, Rose Petals, Jeweltone Green Jaguar XJ6.

Louis Vuitton: An American man hits the open road in a roll top convertible with the wind in his hair. Vintage Bandanas, Varsity Football, Doowop Group Singers, Tie Dyed Crushed Velvet, Route 66.

Raf Simons: Op Pop Appropriation in a Net-Art Void. Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes, Bridget Riley, RGB Landscapes, Graphic Mod Girl.