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Yu Masui's PFW day five

Yu says au revoir to Paris by turning the pavements into Jurassic Park

TextYu MasuiPhotographyYu Masui

Yu Masui is a London-based fashion journalist who started his career as a buyer at the legendary Pineal Eye. Introducing many emerging talents, his selections also extended to several Japanese boutiques. He's since returned to his roots as a fashion writer, a discipline he studied, contributing to leading Japanese titles. Masui is also a self-confessed "lazy blogger", happily writing about food, travel, lifestyle and sometimes fashion on Yu ♥..., parallel to his deadlines.

PFW day five: "Jurassic Park"

Sadly Yu Masui has to leave Paris tonight, back to London for work. More shows he wanted to see include L.V., more parties and more dinners, last night was amazing! Thanx!!! Yu will miss them all... 

Today Yu Masui is in Kenzo and Yu has to say Kenzo is not all about tigers, Vans or New Era caps!!! There are amazing designs, prints and clever detailing by the O.C. duo, from their knowledge as retail pros. Anyway, Yu is in ♥ with micro camo prints. Yu could have got the same colours but instead he mix 'n' matched for more effect!!! 

And Yu was obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid. Thanks to a Jil Sander jumper and Sophie Hulme necklace, his obsession returned last season. Yu couldn't resist asking to borrow a hat on the theme when he visited his favourite milliner Piers Atkinson at the London Showrooms – caps are covered with glitter dinosaurs! And the best one has a story featuring a dinosaur chasing her stolen egg!!! BTW Piers is developing a more unisex casual range and it seems successful.

Nylon camo blouson, shirt, scarf, shorts, iPad case and sandals by Kenzo
Dinosaur cap by Piers Atkinson

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