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Yu Masui's PFW day four

Total look as a sign of respect – Yu says leave your old jeans at home

TextYu MasuiPhotographyYu Masui

Yu Masui is a London-based fashion journalist who started his career as a buyer at the legendary Pineal Eye. Introducing many emerging talents, his selections also extended to several Japanese boutiques. He's since returned to his roots as a fashion writer, a discipline he studied, contributing to leading Japanese titles. Masui is also a self-confessed "lazy blogger", happily writing about food, travel, lifestyle and sometimes fashion on Yu ♥..., parallel to his deadlines.

PFW day four: "Respect and Love"

Usually wearing all one designer or a total catwalk look can be tacky or show one's lack of styling technique. Unless it's a pyjama look or twinset of the same print (← Yu ♡ those styles).

However during fashion week it's different, it's a statement of respect, support and love. Some "cool" fashion people hesitate but making an effort is important, you shouldn't just turn up in a t-shirt and worn out jeans. Especially as the work of emerging fashion talents needs to be "seen". Today Yu is paying respect and showing love to Acne because this is the very first Paris womenswear show!

Yu's relationship with Acne is quite long and goes back to his buyer days. He still remembers the day that Acne brought a suitcase full of jeans to London and showed them in a hotel room. It's incredible how the brand has grown in such a short time, and crucially they are still as friendly as before. Yu's really looking forward to see the Musée Galliera catwalk today and special men's pieces as well, that's why he's in fully dressed in Acne SS13. But Yu cannot give up his signature: silly accessories!!!

By the way, because of busy schedule in Paris, Yu forgot to mention about his shoes yesterday! The Loubie super hero shoes were very important in that look as they added American-ness!!!

Khaki spring coat, contrast collar stripe shirt, stripe longsleeve top, shorts and gold leather shoes by Acne
Kid's hat by Undercover
Furry sunglasses by On Aura Tout Vu