Roy Lichtenstein is in fashion

How London Fashion Week looked to the WHAAM-est pop artist for inspiration

Roy Lichtenstein, Whaam! 1963 Tom Ford

Begüm Sekendiz Boré is a visual artist and writer based in Paris, cross-referencing fashion with ideas from fine art and contemporary culture to create new dialogues. Again & Again collects original works by the French artist on the fashion weeks and beyond. 

In anticipation of Tate Modern's Roy Lichtenstein Retrospective opening on February 21 in London, designers at London Fashion Week united and saluted the artist a week in advance.


Roy Lichtenstein, Whaam! 1963 Tom Ford
Roy Lichtenstein, Meat, 1962 Christopher Kane
Roy Lichtenstein, Baked potato, 1962 Vivienne Westwood Red Label
Roy Lichtenstein, Nude on beach, 1977 Michael Van Der Ham (top left) & Osman (bottom right)
Roy Lichtenstein, Still life with goldfish, 1974 Claire Barrow at Fashion East
Roy Lichtenstein, In the car, 1963 J.W. Anderson
Roy Lichtenstein, BMW 320i Group 5 Race Version Art Car, 1977 Thomas Tait

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