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Yu Masui's LFW day four

Channelling medieval armour and The War of the Roses whilst considering the male boob tube on the streets of London town

TextYu MasuiPhotographyYu Masui

Yu Masui is a London-based fashion journalist who started his career as a buyer at the legendary Pineal Eye. Introducing many emerging talents, his selections also extended to several Japanese boutiques. He's since returned to his roots as a fashion writer, a discipline he studied, contributing to leading Japanese titles. Masui is also a self-confessed "lazy blogger", happily writing about food, travel, lifestyle and sometimes fashion on Yu ♥..., parallel to his deadlines.

"Acne, Lanvin, Raf Simons, Saint Laurent... So many items from AW13 mens are on Yu's wish list! Chunky knits from SISTER by SIBLING, Thomas Tait's futuristic sportswear, peplum trousers at Preen, Mulberry's new bag, anything from Unique...

More has been added since LFW started but sometimes Yu simply cannot wait! Today Yu Masui is wearing Look One from JW Anderson's AW13 collection. The first impression of this collection was one of gender confusion – something you won't be able to wear, except during fashion weeks and certain parties, especially the boob tube. But Yu finds armour as romantic as historical romances, and also many pieces are wearable (apart from the boob tube). So Yu added a romantic, medieval feeling with beautiful Lanvin jewellery.

Anyway, I had a bit of a panic this morning after an hour's sleep thanks to a tight deadline; plus the zipper of the boots Yu was supposed to wear broke, leaving Yu with the trainers he wore the day before...

So annoying!"

Wool jacket from JW Anderson
Ruffled shorts from JW Anderson
Heattech leggings and socks from Uniqlo
Trainers from Christian Louboutin

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