Wooyoungmi: ManMade

The south Korean menswear brand celebrates its 10th anniversary with a series of collaborations

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Marking a decade since the brand's inception, sisters Woo Youngmi and Woo Janghee have created ManMade, a series of collaborations beyond clothes.

Alfred Sargent, a 100+ year old English shoemaker; Russian porcelain studio {far}4 and bag maker JoJo Messenger are amongst those partnered, each specialist is chosen to offer a product in the spirit of Wooyoungmi's lifestyle.

The objects are offered in tandem with an exhibition by artists Clemens Kraus and Lee Song at the label's Paris pop-up gallery on rue des Arquebusiers. We caught up with the designer siblings to learn more.

Dazed Digital: How did the project come about?
Wooyoungmi: We wanted to share a more complete vision of the Wooyoungmi world, as well as creating a space entirely devoted to men. The ManMade lifestyle element strives to offer everything that the Wooyoungmi man might need throughout his day, but takes these ordinary objects to a luxury level through careful selection of brand partners, usually small expert producers. The gallery/event space extends our view on art as an essential part of everyday life and allows the customer to discover artists in a less formal or intimidating atmosphere. But it also allows us to host all kinds of cultural events that appeal to men and create an interactive and relaxed retail experience.

DD: What do you enjoy about collaborating?
Wooyoungmi: For us collaboration is about working with people that are experts in a particular field, for example someone using specialist manufacturing, or artisanal production techniques. This allows us to bring our vision into the more rarified 'artisanal' and specialist world.

DD: What are some of your favourite products from this exhibition?
Wooyoungmi: MM by C. Dellstrand folios – the C. Dellstrand aesthetic is very clean and minimal, so it wasn't obvious where a Wooyoungmi twist could be added without losing that. It was a very involved collaboration and a very open project; we think the end result speaks for itself. Also the MM by Jojo Messenger tool kit because it's what ManMade as a concept is about, elevating the everyday. As we're a men's concept store it makes sense that we'd want to elevate the most mundane of 'manly' tasks, DIY, into something enjoyable, beautiful and luxurious.

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