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Afterzine at KK Outlet

The Hoxton Square art space hosts the UK launch of Afterzine and Japanese product designer Yuri Suzuki's latest exhibition

Following a successful residency from Paris super shop Colette, Hoxton’s KK Outlet will be the venue for Sound Interjection, an exhibition of selected works by revolutionary Japanese product designer Yuri Suzuki. Alongside the opening of Suzuki’s exhibition, the East London multi platform creative space will play host to the UK launch of new magazine Afterzine, which itself is concept-led, taking a sideways and often philosophical look at variations on the theme of negative space.

Suzuki’s trademark is incorporating an audio experience into objects, adding sound to devices in a totally unprecedentedly interactive way to bring a joyously unexpected element to the most everyday of objects. Suzuki invites you sing to your jewellery and make a musical train track. Mixing off-the-wall ideas with hatchling synth technology, Suzuki’s ephemeral piece, Jellyfish Thermin, allows Jellyfish to control the sound and lighting omitted from a clear Thermin, one of the oldest electronic musical instruments. Part of the Anti Design Festival, Sound Interjection will also include a new sound installation produced by Suzuki and Spanish designer Oscar Diaz.

Afterzine is a self-publishing project and labour of love by Hamish Robertson. Originally from York and now living in New York where he is the online design editor of Vanity Fair’s website, Robertson's magazine presents various takes on the notion of negative space. Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore contributes his thoughts, Alexa Chung her photography, Peter Saville discusses the use of negative space in design and a physics professor at Columbia weighs in with his thoughts, as well as many more insights and contributions be they literary, journalistic, photographic or illustration. 

Afterzine also explores the underrated design niche of book spines. Joseph Sullivan of the Book Design Review comments on spine design while Jessica Pigza of New York Public Library selects some of her favourite. Six style bloggers, including Style Rookie Tavi Gevinson are invited to style an outfit based on their favourite book. The result is a collection of thought provoking, entertaining and beautiful moments. A post-magazine magazine, Afterzine rethinks the nature of the printed periodical and takes it back to a time of eclectic essays, whilst simultaneously nodding towards the notion that something a little more special and cerebral is where the future of magazines lies.

The KK Outlet is UK headquarters of the Dutch communications agency KesselsKramer and posits itself as an outlet for different aspects of work from advertising to product development, and from design to publishing. The private view for Sound Interjection and the UK launch of Afterzine will take place on Thursday September 2nd from 7pm till 9pm.

KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB