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Felix Thorn's Musical Sculptures

Old instruments and odd objects are turned into art by this 24-year-old Brighton artist

24-year-old Felix Thorn was born in Brighton and grew up in the countryside surrounding Ditchling, West Sussex. He describes his work as “musical sculpturing” and creates installations from both traditional instruments and found objects. The sculptures consist of a combination of drum kits, xylophone keys, bin lids, metal scraps and pieces removed from pianos and organs. Thorn then uses digital technology to operate them, playing out his own electronic compositions. Felix’s work is as much about the look of the sculpture as it is about the sound that is created, and both have to be pleasing. “Art is as much about aesthetic as it is about sensory pleasure,” he explains. The physical installation and layout of the sculptures allow the viewer to get up close and examine the workings, and while the objects surround the visitor, pieces of music are brought to life, along with the moving parts of the sculpture. Celebrating a year of creativity Converse presents a series of their favourite new artists from around the world.

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