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Jay Mews II, 2008, Bronwen Sleigh

In A Word

Summria Lunn bring a new brand of art show to the masses

Sumarria Lunn is the brainchild of Will Lunn and Vishal Summaria, an art-dealing duo with a shared experience that reaches far beyond their years. Lunn, for example, is a mere 20 years old and still in attendance at the Courtauld Institute.Together, these two are bringing a new brand of art show to London, combining intimate shows at private addresses in St Johns Wood and Battersea with prospectively larger and more adventurous shows later in the year. The show Dazed have come to see is In A Word, featuring Ross Jones, Bronwen Sleigh, David Wightham and Yun-Kyung Jeong. What is particularly striking about the pieces is the technical ability of the artists – the fine delicate brushstrokes of Yun-Kyung Jeong and the draftsmanship of Ross Jones mark a return to artistry without resorting to the decorative; the political overtones in Ross Jones’s deserted cityscapes, for instance, are crystal clear. After a brief tour around the gallery we sat down and had a chat with the prodigious duo, in order to find out exactly what makes them tick…

Dazed Digital: How did the partnership between the two of you start out?
Vishal Summaria:
 Will was interning at BISCHOFF/WEISS while I was working there, he then went on to manage William Angel Gallery and I followed him there.
Will Lunn: We had a lot in common regarding our ideas about art...We also became sick of working for other people at a low level and decided to gain some autonomy by going out on our own.

DD:What motivates you to choose the artists you do?
 We like art that speaks without explanation. Obviously, having a concept behind the work is important but we prefer the work to have a voice of its own. I went to the Slade show last year and found it pretty uninspiring, but then I came across Yun-Kyung Jeong’s work I just fell in love with it. I love the way her work is so organic and that it doesn’t look painted.
WL: We like to have style with substance.

DD:What do you consider to be the relationship between the artists in In a Word?
 The artists’ individual practices are quite different, but what unites them is their blend of the conceptual with what we might call creative ability – not as polar opposites as they are often now presented, but as a strong combination. Together with this, all of them display a dedication to their practice. While Yun-Kyung Jeong is interested in Animism, and the natural utopia, Bronwen Sleigh has an interest in the confrontation of urban progression and nature. This can be seen as a similar exploration on two different fronts – the eastern tradition of equality in nature that places man over nature, and the place where nature meets urban progression. Furthermore, the meditative element of Jeong’s work can be linked to the work of Ross Jones. Jones distils complex political situations with a meditative process of calming the mind and removing unwanted mental clutter to allow for focused reflection. David Wightman's target paintings have similarities to the meditation aid used in various forms across the world, often known as a Mandala. We wanted to show the dissimilarities between these artists, emphasising that our broad ethos allows for variation in practice and result while still uniting conceptual and physical ability.

DD: Do you feel that your unique position within the art world (your ages and lack of parental funding) gives you a fresh perspective in choosing the artists you represent?
 Certainly. Not only does it give us a fresh perspective, but it also requires one. Without such funding, a sense of what we hope people will see as integrity appears to be highly valuable to our future, and that of our artists.

DD: What does the future hold for Sumarria Lunn?
 We have a two person, two part show coming up in July and September. The first part of it will be in Peckham and the second part in Southwark. The two artists in the show will be Yun-Kyung Jeong (whom we represent) and Akiko Ban. We are also looking for a venue to run a large group exhibition, hopefully around October/November this year.

In A Word runs until July 5 at 21 Eyre Court, 3-21 Finchley Road, St. John's Wood, London NW8 9EU. The show is viewable by appointment, contact to find out more