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School of Doodle
Courtesy of Molly Logan

School of Doodle launch zine about life as a Gen Z girl

We catch up with one of the creators of the all-girl virtual classroom to talk about their inspiring workshop and launch of their first teen-led Doodle report

Teen haven, The School of Doodle, have led an educational revolution to inspire creative young women (all those who self-identify as female or non-binary). Now the girls have partnered with United Nations Foundation Girl Up to curate a workshop with heavy hitters from the industry; including Sage Adams from Art Hoe Collective and Liv Little from gal-dem.

Ahead of this day-long talk, School of Doodle launched their own report on the theme of “self-expression and voice”. It is made by Gen Z girls for Gen Z girls, and includes interviews, essays and statistics to chronicle the lives of teenagers around the world. “We thought it was important to have a report that lets girl and gender non-conforming Gen Z-ers tell their story and truth rather than another interpretation by adults,” says Molly Logan, co-creator of the School of Doodle and creative director of the Doodle report. The goal was to make a definitive guide to an often misunderstood group for adults, brands and media companies that goes beyond wooden statistics. The zine was written by a team of teens and edited by Mikki Halpin formerly of Refinery29.

Why did you think it was important that a platform like yours should produce a report for brands and media companies to understand girls?

Molly Logan: As an organisation that is girl led, we have experienced the potential and power of this group and believe everyone will benefit from the same.

Do you think Gen Z girls are too often misunderstood and if so, in what way?

Molly Logan: I think it is more a case of not even attempting to understand which starts with not listening to them and, most importantly, not taking them seriously. This generation's power lies in their comfort with contradiction. Their fluidity extends way beyond gender and is inherent to how they think and live.  So when adults reduce them to a set of rigid characteristics, they completely miss the mark.  This is the generation of angry optimists and compassionate critics.  Nothing is positive or negative, black or white.  Their reality lives, well, between the lines!

What do you think readers will take away from this report?

Molly Logan: I would hope a more nuanced understanding of who they are and what they care about when it comes to the topic of self-expression, advocacy and voice.

“This generation's power lies in their comfort with contradiction. Their fluidity extends way beyond gender and is inherent to how they think and live” – Molly Logan

Did you make a conscious effort to include the voices of girls from various backgrounds for example different races and nationalities, medical conditions and non-binary individuals?

Molly Logan: Honestly, we just went to our global community which happens to be made up of these voices. The thing that I am most proud of is that thanks to our teen Ambassadors and Editors, Doodle has authentically evolved into a deeply diverse and inclusive community that accurately reflects the world today.

Why did you include personal stories and viewpoints rather than more stats?

Molly Logan: We don't think the world needs any more statistics! And, in my experience, one person's personal story usually reflects something far more universal.  

What was the most surprising or inspiring thing you found out by embarking on this report?

Molly Logan: Their relentless honesty. Very inspiring, for sure.

You're presenting this at your workshop, can you tell me more about that and the speakers involved?

Molly Logan: This Workshop is all about the innovation of activism through creativity.  All of the participants are artists and activists in their own way.  Be it Arianna Gil of the skate collective the Brujas or Sage Adams of Art Hoe Collective or Glacier Girl, they are the future world changers who fuse creative expression with purpose.

The Doodle Workshop is today 3-8pm at Bathhouse Studios, 540 E 11th St, New York, NY 1009