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#dazedgeneration campaign announcement
Images courtesy of Hanna Moon, Sarah Piantadosi, Rachel Chandler, Cameron Alexander, Jess Gough

Are you the new face of Dazed?

Aged 18-22? Upload your headshot to become the UK face of the #dazedgeneration

If you believe the hype, this generation is the most apathetic, indifferent one yet. Feckless millenials, vote-wasters and tuition fee avoiders – whatever you want to call us, we've probably been called that ten times over. But we know that's not true. 

That's why Dazed wants to hear from you. In the run-up to the May general election, we're looking for the most striking and opinionated Brits between the ages of 18 and 22 to front our #dazedgeneration campaign. We want people who epitomise the spirit of UK youth culture. It could be you or someone you know. 

To enter the competition, post a headshot on Instagram with the hashtag #dazedgeneration and @dazedmagazine and answer the following questions in your picture caption: 

1) What would you change if you were in charge of the UK?

2) What do you love and hate about British culture?

Submit your photos by Monday 16th February. 

The most exciting entrants will be shot and featured in the magazine, on Dazed Digital and on cover posters up and down the country. We want to show the kaleidoscope diversity – of opinions, ethnicities, backgrounds and sexualities – of Britain. Because if we don't do it, who will? Not the politicians, that's for sure.