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No 1 The Thames
No 1, The Thames is off the marketvia Rightmove

Anonymous buyer snatches up No.1, The Thames

Is Berghain-on-sea coming to London?

In August we reported that a disused fort in the middle of the Thames was on the market for £500,000. Now, it's been sold for £100,000 less than the asking price to an anonymous buyer, fuelling speculation that No.1, The Thames is set to become the world's weirdest nightclub. I mean, why else buy a disused fort in the middle of the Thames apart from to have unsafe, illegal raves?

The Independent reports that the buyer wishes to keep his or her name out of the media spotlight until planning permission to renovate the property has been approved. While the fort isn't exactly in great nick right now, there's absolutely no doubt that the building's skeletal infrastructure has tremendous potential. A little TLC and soon we could all be getting speedboats down the Thames to see Ostgut Ton DJs for the weekend.

£400,000 strikes us as somewhat of a bargain considering the astronomical prices that have besieged London's housing market. Let's all hope and pray that the buyer knows that the city is crying out for a semi-aquatic nightclub with the spirit of free parties.