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Pierre Debusschere Directs His First Music Video

Pierre Debusschere directs Jay Crisfar in his first ever music video, SOCIETY’s “Future Days (Getting High)”…

Dazed regular Pierre Debuscherre is making his mark on the fashion industry, working on countless shows and producing shoots for leading magazines. His psychedelic video for SOCIETY's "Future Days (Getting High)" features Jay Crisfar and is his first foray into making music videos...

Dazed Digital: How does making a music video compare to the work you have done before?
Pierre Debuscherre:
It isn't so different. We were given a lot of freedom on this and were very grateful for that. I teamed up with Elspeth Jenkins for the styling and Florence Samain for the make-up, and together we started thinking about the concept. We were really happy to have Jay Crisfar involved (the main lead in Bruce laBruce's Otto).

DD: What was the concept behind it?
We had two main starting points for the concept – it started with a Kenneth Anger video that the guys from SOCIETY showed us, and the coloured sequences were really influenced by that. We also wanted to remake one of the first videos I ever made, Tracks, which was shot in the same forest. it's also influenced by shamanic dances.

DD: Do you have any favourite music video directors?
I am inspired more by certain movie sequences, like the final sequence of Zabriskie Point for example, or Cindy The Doll Is Mine by Bertrand Bonello. I also reallly like what Mike MIlls did with "The Dress" by Blonde Redhead.

DD: What musicians would you like to work with in the future?
Blonde Redhead, M83, Principles of Geometry.

DD: Where would you most like to film?
I keep repeating myself on this, but it would have to be Iceland. I would like to shoot on the moon too, maybe sometime in the future.

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