This Tumblr psychoanalyses your favourite emojis

Emojinalysis will tell you what your most recently used emoji says about you. Here's its verdict on Dazed

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Ever wondered why you're strangely drawn to the dancing lady emoji, or what your frequent use of the crying cat says about you? A new Tumblr called Emojinalysis will psychoanalyse your most recently used emoji and tell you what's up. 

The man behind the armchair psychoanalysis is Dan Brill, a copywriter for a Manhattan-based ad agency called Droga5. While he isn't a licensed therapist (and god knows what Freud would say about all this), he is currently accepting new patients. If you want your emoji analysed, email him a screen shot of your most recently used emoji along with your first name and age.

In the spirit of scientific enquiry, I sent him my emoji keyboard and got this back: 

Yep, sounds about right.

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