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Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) in Twin Peaks

Watch David Lynch interview Twin Peaks' Leland Palmer

‘You've been dead for about 25 years now. I'd like to ask you how things are for you now.’

Cult TV show Twin Peaks is to be given a new lease of life, nearly 25 years after it finished. After months of speculation, it looks like David Lynch has returned to the sleepy Washington town to film new material in the series. It's just not the material you think.

For the show's special boxset Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery, Lynch has filmed a series of interviews with the fictional Palmer family. Between Two Worlds will see Lynch interrogating his beloved characters about their current lives – or lack thereof – in a humdrum diner suspended somewhere between life and death. Needless to say, it's a pretty surreal experience.

In the series, Laura Palmer is a glamorous homecoming queen whose murder acts as the catalyst for the strange and inexplicable events that run throughout the show. In the preview released by CBS, Lynch sits down with Ray Wise, who reprises his role as the oddball patriach of the Palmer family, Leland: 

The boxset comes out on 29 July. Check out Lynch's interview with Leland below (warning, contains spoilers for the show):