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Dev's new favourite label pops up in NY

Nice hat, Études! Paris's premier pop-art label are coming to New York, taking their radical prints with them

Paris-NYC brand Études Studio only started in 2012, but has already published seven beautifully bound photography books and four laid-back menswear collections that excel in their use of silhouette and colour and their use of artist prints. Now they’re opening a month-long pop-up store on Broome Street in downtown Manhattan, where they’ll be selling their own wares, plus their collaboration sunglasses with Super, lamps by contemporary design firm Matter and magazines like apartemento. We caught up with Creative Director, Aurélien Arbet to find out what we can expect.

This isn’t your first pop-up store is it? You had one in Paris last summer, right?

We did and it was a really good experience for us. We were able to present our entire project for the first time. And now we’re able to renew the experience but in New York and see how people react. We planned it a year in advance, so we’re glad it’s happening!

With the Paris store, you co-designed the furniture and curated the music. Have you done the same in New York? And who have you worked with?

Yes, we worked with New York designers Chen Chen and Kai Williams for the whole design of the store. We have some prints from the artist collaboration that we’ve done with Manuel Fernandez this season. We have a beautiful lamp designed by Matter, a store in the city. They just launched that at the Design Fair. We’re also inviting people to play music and there are events through the whole month. We’re launching the new apartemento magazine issue and our collaboration with Super sunglasses – we have three new pairs that we’ll launch during the pop-up store.

Tell us about the music you’ll be playing.

Chris Bear DJ’d the opening night. He’s one of the main member’s of Grizzly Bear. He’s going to play some records. During the Super event, Tim Sweeney is going to play and we’ve asked some people to do playlists, like Kindness and the brand Tristesse Contemporaine.

And you’ll be selling the SS14 collection – it’s very cyber and African-inspired.

Yeah, the name of that collection is World Talk and idea was to work around this mix that is happening in the big cities. We’re based in Paris and New York and both cities are changing really fast. A lot of cultures are coming there and the clash or collision is interesting. You’ve got the older cultures and traditions mixing with a modern, contemporary world. That and the web are creating a new language where things and words and visuals are mixed and create a new global communication. That’s why we worked with Manuel Fernandez on the prints, because when we turned his digital Broken Gradients artworks into patterns with the fabric, they look very traditional.

You keep your silhouette fairly similar every season, which I love. How come?

Usually we have a base when we start a new collection, which we keep. Then we bring new pattern and new fabric, but yes, most of it is still made out of a few permanent shapes. We would love to create an Études silhouette that people could identify at some point – oversized, minimal and subtle.

I saw Dev Hynes the other day looking great in one of you bright blue hats and maybe one of your shirts too.

Yeah he’s been wearing our hats a lot recently, which is great. He’s a good ambassador and it happened quite naturally. We have some friends in common. He’s a great character – he’s very into music and art. He’s mixing all these references, like we are.

Etudes Studio pop-up store is open until 21 June. 245 Broome Street, Manhattan.