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James Franco in the Dazed & Confused December 2013 issuePhotography by Josh Olins, Styling by Robbie Spencer

James Franco might play Tommy Wiseau in The Room documentary

According to co-star Seth Rogen, Franco is set to star as Tommy Wiseau in a doc about the making of the cult film

Tommy Wiseau "enjoys" a celebrated cult status as director of The Room – notoriously the worst film ever made and slated by one critic as the "Citizen Kane of bad movies". Devoted audiences around the world shout every word and chuck plastic spoons at the screen in homage to all the bizarre sequences and props littered throughout the surreal classic.

According to Seth Rogen, Dazed cover star James Franco might be taking on a new acting role playing the infamous director and actor. Rogen was chatting with talk show radio hosts Opie & Anthony when he dropped the unexpected bombshell that "Franco might play Tommy Wiseau". Rogen's production company Point Grey Pictures have already bought the rights to The Disaster Artist, a memoir by Greg Sestero about starring with Wiseau in The Room. Franco is already confirmed as director.

Wiseau and Franco aren't all that different: one looks like a washed-up 90s rock star with no absolutely no idea what's going on, and the other one is Tommy Wiseau. But in all seriousness, the two do share a similarlty in terms of their creative and social output, which delicately balances atop an "are they, aren't they for real" tightrope. Wiseau now markets The Room as an intentional black comedy on the back of a worldwide lampooning, while some of Franco's recent bizarro behaviour has led people to question whether or not he's engaged in an ongoing exhibition of the self. Same difference, right?

Have a look at our favourite scene from The Room – the more we watch it, the more we think James Franco is absolutely perfect for the role:

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