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Selfeed offers selfies without the "lookin gr8 hun" commentsvia

Watch a livestream of every #selfie posted on Instagram

At last, a bearable way to look at selfies – really, really quickly

You know when you stare at a selfie that someone's posted on Instagram? Underneath the image there's always the mandatory polite feedback: "lookin gr8 hun", "boi ur bod is hotttt". Infuriating. But Selfeed offers a more ephemeral way to absorb selfies. Basically, it's a real-time livestream of every image posted on Instagram with the #selfie hashtag. With this constant flow of photos you don't get the opportunity to waste time lamenting about someone's annoying selfie – just blink and you'll miss it.

Originally launched at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, this livestreamed tidal wave of human individuality and/or narcissism is the brainchild of artists Tyler Madsen, Erik Carter and Jilian Mayer.

"We created it because we wanted it to exist. We enjoy the constant flow of selfies and find it incredibly hypnotic and fascinating," they told Time. "Most of the selfies that are aggregated are self-portraits with one singular figures. On Selfeed, these figures exist alone, but together."

Check out the stream here. If you want to catch yourself on Selfeed, you can upload your photo to Instagram and tag it with #selfie.

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