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Make your own selfie text art with ACSIIcam

ASCIIcam transforms your webcam selfies into moving text

Turn your webcam feed into a stream of ACSII text art with this web app

If you've ever wanted to turn your webcam feed into ACSII text art, now you can: say hi to this new web app that converts any webcam images into real-time text characters. Originally released in 2012, the ASCIIcam app has been updated and was reposted on Reddit by its maker Erik Fredricksen. 

ASCII art has been around since the 60s: the computer graphics artist Ken Knowlton is widely regarded as the pioneer of the form and it was his early experiments with photomosaics that served as a platform for the art to develop. In 1966, his binary code scan of the dancer Deborah Hay was shown at one of the earliest computer art exhibitions, The Machine as Seen at the End of the Mechanical Age, shown at MoMA.

And now, you can make your own – have fun

(h/t Animal New York)