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CUPID drone

Watch a drone tase an intern at SXSW

Worried about tasers? Worried about drones? Bad news: a tech firm has combined the two

A company at this week's SXSW has just showcased a taser-equipped drone which fires an 80,000 volts of paralysing electricity into victims, demonstrating its capabilities on an intern. It would be an intern, wouldn't it? 

Austin-based technology studio Chaotic Moon have called the drone Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, or CUPID for short. Pretty ironic, considering all this thing does is fire an 80,000 volt arrow, which brings absolutely nobody together. While there are currently no official plans to manufacture the drone for commercial purposes, the studio reckon that it could be great for detaining criminal reprobates until a human police officer can be bothered to sort it out. 

Watch this cute little Terminator zap an intern into submission in the video below: