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Think Like Clouds
Untitled, ink on paper, date unknownHans Ulrich Obrist

The humble doodle

Going back to the drawing board with a unique look at Hans Ulrich Obrist's doodlepad

For the first time in twenty-two years, curator-extraordinaire, Hans Ulrich Obrist is set to publish an exclusive collection of his drawings, notes and diagrams in a new full-colour book. From curating the likes of architect Rem Koolhaas to journo-activist Studs Terkel, Hans' prolific collaborations and projects have all started somewhere, often with a simple idea scrawled on scrap paper or a humble doodle.  Incoherent and beautifully erratic, the exhibition takes us on a journey right back to the drawing board, where it all began. Premiering at the NY Art Book Fair on 20 September, Think Like Clouds promises to provide a unique insight into one of the most inquisitive minds in contemporary art.

In Hans’ own words:

“In the mid-90s I started to do more public talking and was sort of fearful and extremely nervous of doing public talking at the beginning and so in order to survive it, to sit on a panel on stage, I would just permanently take notes. I'd write in an obsessive frantic way and that led to another form of doodle which is basically public notation, notes taken during a public conference or doing a public interview. The train notations are sketches which happen on the move and then there are the sort of doodles which happen in the office which are very often, to-do lists.”

Think Like Clouds will premiere at the 2013 NY Art Book Fair (MoMA PS1, September 20-22) and is curated by Badlands Unlimited.