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Hacked & Burned: tech news

Invisible brains, secret Facebook messages & the scariest search engine on the Internet

GIF OF THE WEEK: Ani Gif 2.2

Yoshi Sodeoka's brutal psychedelic GIFs make the most of the format's inherently limited colour palette in his new series, featuring 13 brand new GIF compositions.

TECHNOMONY OF THE WEEK: Cryptocurrency Altruism: The Bitcoin Billionaire

Redditors were left gobsmacked as a Bitcoin maverick donated over $13000 in Bitcoin's yesterday. The mystery benefactor availed of Reddit's BitcoinTip feature. Business insider reports. "I am bitcoin," he or she wrote in a moment of megalomania – Business Insider

WEBSITE OF THE WEEK: Shodan - The scariest search engine on the Internet

Tuesday of this week was Internet of Things day. That's the electronic epoch we're on the cusp of inhabiting, where lots of quotidian devices, from your roomba to your fridge are connected to the internet. Shodan is the search engine that locates these devices: “Shodan searchers have found traffic lights, security cameras, home automation devices, control systems for a water park, a gas station, a hotel wine cooler and a crematorium with a minimum of hassle.”

TUMBLR OF THE WEEK: Video Game Toilets

HACK OF THE WEEK: Hyperlapse

TeeHan Labs StreetView Hyperlapse is a wonder to behold. It's a striking example of the new media that can be spun from the mountains of data piling up under Google's watchful eye. And you can create your own courtesy of their WebGl interface here.

HARDWARE OF THE WEEK: Desktop 3D Scanner

Speaking of oft heralded visions of the future, that manufacturing disrupting vision of rapid fabricated household goods inched closer to reality courtesy of Matterform’s Photon Scanner. Make a physible of any object, with hardware that costs $399.

INTERNET EXPLORER OF THE WEEK: Owen Campbell Moore brings steganography to Facebook

Steganography is a technology of subterfuge, Hidden messages are encoded in the data values of pictures. In an era where prying eyes are the norm of internet interaction rather than the exception such technologies take on a renewed urgency. So kudos to Owen Campbell Moore, who has developed a chrome extension that brings steganography to the anyone with a facebook account.

BONUS PROTIP OF THE WEEK: Bitcoin competitors

Bitcoin competitors are bifurcating rapidly. Get in while the going's good.

SCIENCE OF THE WEEK: Invisible Brains

We can expect to 'see' lots more brain stories in coming years following Barack Obama's $100 million 'Brain Initiative'. But little did we know we might be seeing less gray matter as a result. Did you 'see' what I did there? In a pretty big leap forward for brain imaging, Clarity have announced a method that preserves the neuron structure, neural wiring, even the DNA, RNA and proteins of a brain, but renders the whole gelatinous mass transparent.

WETWARE OF THE WEEK: Human Brain Wags Rat's Tail

In large swathes of the United States science is regarded as an esoteric discipline. When a video of a human controlling a live rats tail with his brainwaves turns up on Youtube, it's somewhat easy to sympathise with the aforementioned point of view. From stories such as these is Shelley's spectre roused.

ALGO ANXIETY OF THE WEEK: Boston Dynamics' Humanoid Robot

Boston Dynamics, of brick-hurling Big Dog fame, have a creepy automaton too