Paved With Gold

A 40-minute long symphonic look at London through young eyes and the music of the capital, fresh from its appearance at the Tate Tanks this summer

Over the summer, one giant of the contemporary art world asked a pair of filmmakers from Hackney to help them open their new space. The event was the opening of the Tate Tanks, for which I See You Standing, a group of born-and-bred Londoners who built up a following hawking t-shirts and romantic vids about street culture, made a filmic portrait of the city. Featuring music from Vondelpark and Slime, it shows kids on the lastday of school, grime stars on their hometurf, and the sights and sounds of a city symphonic. When we asked them for a quote, this is what they wrote:

'London. for those who want to live and die here. there is no greener grass. no beach under the paving stones. the streets of London are paved with gold.'

Cieron Magat & Nina Manandhar - 'we woz ere 2012'