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Sam Hiscox’s Everything, Tomorrow
CharPhotography Sam Hiscox

These photos might help you slow down and reflect

Sam Hiscox hopes that the dreamy photos he’s captured over the past decade, alongside a new exhibition, will encourage people to look inwards

Photographer Sam Hiscox wants to slow down time, and he’s hoping to do so with his upcoming debut solo exhibition, Everything, Tomorrow. Made up of a dreamy body of work shot over ten years – “with no end goal”, until now – the show’s title explores the “paralysing juxtaposition of wanting to achieve... but never making time to do it, or even making excuses to do whatever it is ‘tomorrow’,” alongside the simple idea that “everything can wait.” Hiscox adds, “It's important to let go of the overbearing stresses and pressures that we create and allow time for ourselves.”

The work itself is as meditative as it sounds; trees, water, people, and natural light fill the frames, with absolutely no technology in sight. “I want viewers to take a step back from the speeding heights of modern life,” he says, “and come back down to earth and allow themselves a moment of reflective introspection. I want people to leave with a revitalised emotional awareness, feeling re-engaged with the beautiful web of relationships to which they are intrinsically connected.” This emphasis on emotional awareness and re-connection stems from Hiscox’s desire to f feel human again. Concerned that we are failing to reflect and look inwards, and that we are “losing touch”, he says, “In my experience, reflection has only been a suggested practice in a relatively desperate situation – for example, when I've done something bad or when I’ve been in therapy – but we would all benefit from being taught or refreshed on how to use this skill on a regular basis. It's empowering, it gives us a stronger self-awareness and allows us to improve and become better people.”

Everything, Tomorrow launches Wednesday 1 November 2017 at west London’s HOTSHOE 333. Follow Sam Hiscox here