Sara Radin


CBG joints
Beauty FeatureEverything you need to know about CBG, the hottest new CBD alternative
Bella Hadid
Beauty FeatureCenturies later, gold skincare is making a comeback
Cellular MD skin
Beauty FeatureWhat is cellular beauty? The beauty trend getting under your skin
Toxic Positivity
Life & CultureHow ‘toxic positivity’ took over the internet
Social Anxiety
Life & CultureHow to deal with social anxiety as the world comes out of lockdown
Masculinity men misogyny climate change
Science & TechThanks to climate change, sperm is declining and penises are shrinking
Masks Jackson Bowley
Beauty FeatureForaged beauty products are the trend taking the industry back into nature
zitsticka ingestible beauty skincare supplement
Beauty FeatureWhy your new skincare regime might not require any topical products
2020 Trends D
Beauty Feature2020 was a year of radical change in beauty and beyond
5 star 2
Think pieceCan we actually trust beauty reviews anymore?
Beauty FeatureBlue light, air pollution, and UV rays: can anti-pollution products help?
Nathalie Nguyen catfish look
Beauty Feature3D artist Nathalie Nguyen’s alien digital beauty looks defy reality
Earscape trend
Beauty FeatureThese Glossier-style Gen Z piercing studios are steering the earscape trend
the farewell death awkwafina
Beauty FeatureYOLO: Why being ‘death positive’ can be good for you
fern cooke artist body positivity neutrality movement
Beauty FeatureMove over body positivity, body neutrality is the new realistic movement
Sara and Lune
Beauty Feature‘Intuitive dry cutting’ is the new trend here to change haircuts forever
gucci fragrance gender neutral harry styles
Beauty TrendsSmells right: Why fragrance is the next step in the gender-neutral frontier
Beauty FeatureToxic Beauty is the film showing how beauty products are poisoning us
Eszter Magyar silver foil eye make-up look
Beauty Feature‘Make-up activist’ Eszter Magyar creates conceptual looks without make-up
gender neutral cosmetic surgery procedure trend
Beauty FeatureThe new cosmetic surgery trend is androgynous and gender-neutral procedures
PRICE ON REQUEST Croatian fashion label
FashionThe Croatian designer upcycling garments from her mum’s 90s fashion label
Empire Records shave
Think pieceWe asked a psychologist and hairdresser why haircuts are so emotional
Heather Glazzard
Art & PhotographyRead a series of letters written by queer people to their younger selves
Life & CultureFive LGBTQ people on what makeup means to them