Charlotte Jansen

Charlotte Jansen is a London writer and curator. She runs the art agency No Way

Photo via @meatwreck
PhotographyGross out in the warped world of photography duo Meatwreck
Deanna Templeton, What She Said (20121)
PhotographyDeanna Templeton’s photographs of California’s teen misfits
Kate Durbin Hello Selfie 2015
Arts+CultureHello Kitty mermaids take over Miami beach
Kate Durbin
Arts+CultureThis new doc profiles America’s fourth wave feminist artists
Zhang Huan, Foam 1998
Arts+CultureThe radical Chinese artists challenging the status quo
Jesse Lizotte
PhotographyHow to be a photographer without going to art school
Maya Fuhr
PhotographyDeconstructing the ‘high school girl’ image
Samara Golden's, Rape Of The Mirror
Arts+CultureThe best new galleries to seek out in LA
Know Hope "Helpless"
Arts+CultureKnow Hope in Tel Aviv
Body Anxiety
Arts+CultureBody Anxiety and a new wave of digifeminist art
1 DT-
Arts+CultureDavid Tartakover: Peace now and peace then
Hand Beauty Shop
Arts+CultureWelcome to the doll's house for fatalists
1-'Secretly Susan'
PhotographyTrip the light fan-plastic with these anti-beauty shots
Andi Galdi Vinko
PhotographyThe photographers using 90s touchstones to sex-up their pics
Arts+CultureThem Upstairs
Arts+CultureSkull disco
Bogotá graf
Arts+CultureStreet art in Bogotá
Daughters of Frankenstein
PhotographyWyse + Gabriely: Daughters of Frankenstein
Aspen, Vol. 1, no. 3 (December 1965)
Arts+CultureThe mag that popped the art
Arts+CultureEstates like candyfloss
Cigarmaker, creator, healer and man
Arts+CultureTabaquero collage
Cha_Life Mixing perf1
Arts+CultureTheresa Hak Kyung Cha
Arts+CultureGypsies from Haifa
Daniel K Sparkes
Arts+CultureComic abstraction