Alice Mosey


Cecile Emeke – Lines
Arts+CultureThis film puts a feminist filter over some your fave lyrics
Molly Soda Should I Send This Dazed
Arts+CultureMolly Soda silences the haters
Molly Soda Should I Send This Dazed
Arts+CultureThe cyber feminist leaking her own nudes
Linder Sterling, Corner House Publishing, Dazed
Arts+CultureFeminist Icon Linder Sterling’s Surrealist Portraiture
Giacomo Carmagnola Glitch Art
Arts+CulturePutting history through a Photoshop filter
Jaunt, Lotte Reimann, Dazed
PhotographyWhen car crashes and sexual fantasies collide
Claude Cahun "Self-Portrait"
PhotographyThe early 1900s artist who rejected gender constructs
Molly Soda 2015
Arts+CultureThe digital artist who’s dating a teddy bear
Project Lives
PhotographyWhat’s it like to live in NY’s social housing?