Ibby Njoya

London, United Kingdom

Art and Photography

The set designer whose fantastical scenes bring out the playfulness of fashion.
Ibby Njoya

London-based set designer Ibby Njoya’s fantastical sets are instantly recognisable. His outrageously colourful palettes merge with kaleidoscopic shapes, in what he calls his signature “dance between colour, fashion, and art”. Njoya, a Brit School alum and Bournemouth Arts graduate, has always felt the urge to create with his hands – a skill likely handed down to him by his sculptor father. The British-Cameroonian artist also credits his father with sparking his curiosity in colour, having pored over his dad’s artistic process growing up, taking inspiration from his love of African artefacts.

Once out of university, Njoya worked alongside renowned set designers Rhea Thierstein and Thomas Bird, before making a name for himself in the industry. Now, his distinctive, painterly style has seen his work grace the pages – and covers – of titles including Dazed, AnOther, and British Vogue, alongside collaborations with the likes of powerhouses Off-White, Dior, and Dries Van Noten. Njoya’s work brings out the playfulness of fashion, elevating editorials to their electrifying potential. As he previously said of his creative process: “We always aim to have as much fun with every project as possible, because if you’re not having fun, then you’ll hate what you’re doing.”

Text Brit Dawson