London, United Kingdom
Photography Francis Plummer


The hip-hop artist using his platform to help empower others.

Blending hip-hop from both sides of the Atlantic with sharp and introspective lyricism, 27-year-old Jeshi is carving out his own path. In the past year he has emerged as one of the leading figures in UK rap, collaborating with artists such as Obongjayar, Westside Boogie and cult producer Vegyn. A true student of the game, his beat selection ranges from grime to trap to boom-bap with enough textural and melodic experimentation to set him apart from the rest of the UK hip hop scene.

The UK is a rightly angry place at the moment, few voices channel this feeling of collective rage like Jeshi, who released his stellar debut album Universal Credit in May of this year. Growing up in Walthamstow, East London, he speaks from firsthand experience of how it feels to be part of a community on the receiving end of governmental neglect. “I know what it’s like to be broke as fuck and I’m not afraid to admit it,” Jeshi told Dazed in an interview earlier this year. He also knows the power he holds as an artist in the spotlight, and he wants to use this platform to help empower others.

Text Louis Merrion