41- Aaron Kudi
Aaron Kudi

Aaron Kudi

Age - 29
London, United Kingdom
I’d share the grant with 10 creative peers from the list and put on an exhibition showcasing our multiple voices
Aaron Kudi

Aaron Kudi’s route to becoming an artist and sculptor was unusually circuitous. Originally drawn to studying psychology, Kudi completed an MA in Cognitive and Social Psychology while also spending two years learning the foundations of tailoring and garment construction. 

This unique set of seemingly divergent interests converge brilliantly in his artworks. Growing up in London and Devon, the Nigeria-born artist’s unique perspective on the Black British experience informs his sculptural constructions. These works speak to a deep curiosity about social psychology, identity politics, class, and how we’re impacted psychologically and emotionally by the materiality and meaning of design. Kudi is particularly focused on how the objects we encounter affect us, how objects can best serve us and what materials themselves convey.

“Vices of Blackness” (2020), exemplifies some of the dominant themes in his work. The sculptural work features a Black torso pressed, as if in a vice, between two slabs of white marble. Gesturing to the classical world, it simultaneously asks us to consider social hierarchy, systems of oppression and the sometimes arbitrary value of materials themselves. The Black figure is being crushed between the marble, which is deemed a luxury commodity in a world that values certain bodies more than others. 

Looking to the future, Kudi plans to develop his practice to include video works. He tells Dazed, “I believe the Black experience in this digital age in video form is sculpture, and I hope with this video approach to showcase the 360 sculpture of the Black British class experience.”

Text Emily Dinsdale

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