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London, United Kingdom
I want to continue providing a platform for survivors to share their stories
Everyone's Invited

True to their mission so far, if Everyone’s Invited was to win the Dazed 100 x Converse grant, says founder Soma Sara, “I want to continue providing a platform for survivors to share their stories.” Everyone’s Invited began with the aim of creating a safe space for survivors of sexual harassment and violence. “For some, it gives a sense of catharsis, solidarity and empowerment,” says Sara, “and hopefully it helps them to begin to heal.” 

The multi-faceted initiative launched in June 2020, after conversations Sara had with friends about the pervasiveness of rape culture among young people prompted her to share her own experiences on Instagram. By March 2021 more than 15,000 anonymous testimonies had beensubmitted to the Everyone’s Invited website, prompting the UK government to respond with tangible change: by launching an Ofsted review in schools, announcing new guidelines from the Office for Students to address rape culture in universities, and setting up an NSPCC helpline for survivors.

“Everyone’s Invited is proud to be working against the stigma and shame that surrounds these issues,” Sara adds. “I am hopeful that this conversation will help lead to the global exposure and eradication of rape culture.”

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