Dazed 100 Academy
“Four days of talks and workshops ft. Beabadoobee, Danika Magdelena, Joy Crookes and Deba

Dazed 100 Academy

Ages - Beabadoobee 22, Danika Magdelena 27, Joy Crookes 24, Deba 21
 London, United Kingdom
Dazed 100 Academy
“Four days of talks and workshops ft. Beabadoobee, Danika Magdelena, Joy Crookes and Deba

Four of the most exciting next-generation creatives from the 2020 Dazed 100 will come together for four days of online workshops, talks, mentoring, and community-building in August 2020. Musicians Beabadoobee and Joy Crookes, photographer Danika Magdalena (aka Sirius Film), and model Deba will bring knowledge, insight and inspiring guest speakers from the worlds of music, fashion, art and photography offering mentoring, access and insight across the creative industries. Read more about each session below, and watch out for free ticket registration links coming soon.


London-based musician Beabadoobee will host two songwriting workshops. “I’ve had this idea since I was a kid to help aspiring artists to song-write,” says Beabadoobee. “Music helps me a lot to organise the thoughts in my brain, and to channel that bullshit into something positive! (It will) be really nice to encourage people to do the same, to channel that into creativity. The experiences I’ve gone through and everything people have taught me – it (will) be really cool to share that knowledge with you guys!”

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London-based analogue photographer Danika Magdelena and founder of Girls Don’t Cry will host an open discussion with fellow creatives about their experiences of lockdown, focusing on personal growth, learning and mental healthcare. “I’ll also be offering some one-to-one sessions for people interested in knowing more about photography and the industry – survival tips!” says Danika.

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London-based musician Joy Crookes will host discussion panels offering advice and guidance for young people of colour wanting to start a career in the creative industries. “I want people to send in their questions and we’ll do the best we can to answer them and offer support,” says Joy, adding that her session will intend to “try and challenge the more grassroots issues of why there is a lack of representation in creative industries.”

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Model Deba will host a workshop for women of colour. “We are the future so we need to utilise the power of our voices,” Deba says, noting that the panel will “discuss the troubles we have faced in our working lives, and how we’ve turned them into strengths”. She’ll also present a dance class hosted by her mentor and former dance teacher Liara Barussi. The founder of multi-disciplinary creative collective Jukebox Collective, Barussi’s work brings dance, music, and art to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. “Liara (is) the most amazing lady (and) has played a key role in my journey,” Deba says, promising that Barussi will “show everyone how fun and uplifting dancing can be.”

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