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“I want to document the stutter therapy camp I visited when I was younger, and interview the children and their parents

Anton Gottlob

Age - 29
 London, United Kingdom
Anton Gottlob
“I want to document the stutter therapy camp I visited when I was younger, and interview the children and their parents

“Just doing it” is at the heart of Anton Gottlob’s creative manifesto. The spontaneous energy of his photographs is down to his efforts to retain the initial excitement of an idea and never over-plan it. “I’m very much working in the moment,” the German-born photographer says. “I think if I spent too much time thinking about the future, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I am doing.“ 

His images are not only distinctive for their signature high-flash and saturated colours, but for their unique composition. Gottlob says this is down to his “uniquely bad” eyesight – an inadvertent blessing that adds a distinctive dimension to his work. “I always have to wear glasses,” he explains. “My glasses obstruct the viewfinder, so I can only see 80 per cent of the frame, the other 20 per cent of the composition is what makes the image good,” he demurs.

After interning for photographer Martin Schoeller, Gottlob moved to London and worked for Juergen Teller for four years before deciding to stop assisting and start taking pictures on his own. Since then, he’s gone on to shoot for a range of publications and brands, including capturing Saint Laurent’s surfer rave-inspired SS20 collection for Dazed, and lensing Harmony Korine, Iggy Pop, and Gucci Mane on set for Gucci. Based on his current trajectory, Gottlob is on course to become as acclaimed as the photographers he started out working for.

How did you start doing the work you do, and what inspires it?

Anton Gottlob: An internship at Martin Schoeller’s Studio really got me interested in photography. When Philip Seymour Hoffman died, Rolling Stone published a large format picture that Martin had taken of him. I remembered seeing that picture in his archive. Photography is also about preserving history. That fascinates me. 

What issues or causes are you passionate about and why?

Anton Gottlob: The rise of a global far-right movement. The developments are shocking, incomprehensible, and frightening. For instance, the German populist party called Alternative for Germany is fighting a cultural war against museums, theatres, and other institutions. Just recently the AfD wanted to know the nationalities of people working in state-funded theatres.

“Photography is also about preserving history. That fascinates me.” - Anton Gottlob

In some parts of Germany, they’re the third most powerful political party, which is absolutely insane. It is scary to imagine what will happen if the AfD would win a greater power over the state-funded arts institutions. We need to fight back for the freedom of the arts.

What creative or philanthropic project would you work on with a grant from the Dazed 100 Ideas Fund?

Anton Gottlob: As someone who suffered from speaking disabilities, I would like to use the grant to revisit the stutter therapy camp in Germany I visited when I was younger. By interviewing the children and parents, I would like to document how they’re overcoming their insecurities and speaking disabilities in a group setting.

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