Amber Pinkerton photographer Dazed 100
Amber Pinkerton
“I want to put on my first solo show and host photographic workshops and talks in Jamaica

Amber Pinkerton

Age - 26
 London, United Kingdom
Amber Pinkerton
“I want to put on my first solo show and host photographic workshops and talks in Jamaica

British-Jamaican photographer Amber Pinkerton documents the everyday beauty of life and the people that reside within it. Growing up in Jamaica before moving to London at the age of 19, Pinkerton’s work explores themes of colourism and classism within Caribbean society – all while celebrating its wildly diverse communities.

Often, her photographs are simple close-ups of individuals: intimate, intuitive snapshots suffused with warmth and humanity that reflect everyday life in her native country. One series of images shot in her hometown of Kingston for Dazed Beauty focuses on the wealth of hairstyles within the Jamaican community, also featuring close-ups of tattoos and body art. Another series turns its lens on the burgeoning youth of the Caribbean island – candid shots of street cast models and her friends.

What issues or causes are you passionate about and why?

Amber Pinkerton: In Caribbean society, I’m concerned with colourism and classism, especially because I feel many of us, as privileged people, have turned a blind eye to it growing up. From a global perspective, I’m concerned with topics such as racial equality, the judicial system and basic human rights, but I think this is more of a personal instead of artistic interest.

What or who gives you hope and why?

Amber Pinkerton: I’m generally enthused by how open-minded people are becoming. This is finally allowing us to listen, understand and reinvent. I’ve never really had any doubts in regards to achieving my dreams, but as I look at history and the numerical data, agency-represented artists such as Tyler Mitchell, Nadine Ijewere, Ronan McKenzie, and Campbell Addy definitely give me hope.

What creative or philanthropic project would you undertake with the £10k grant should you win the Dazed 100? 

Amber Pinkerton: I would love to put on my first solo, photographic exhibition with a particular gallery. This grant would also give me an opportunity to start photographic workshops and talks in Jamaica.

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